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Director's Speak

Welcome to Glowfast Electronics Pvt. Ltd.

     Electronics Pvt. Ltd understands your needs and is focused on meeting them in a manner that makes you happy. Shopping for consumer electronics is a difficult task and could be challenging as a wide range of brands and products with different technical complexities are present in the market. Hence, we give you a helping hand in understanding the product features and finding the best for you.
    We understand your need and help you choose the best available product in the market. Our soul goal is to make you happy with our products and services. We keep on working day and night to give you the best services. Our commitment is to provide you an unmatched shopping experience with our wide range of product options, knowledgeable and helpful staff, committed customer service coupled with best prices and deals in an international shopping ambience.
    Experience shopping with us, we are confident that you will love it. You are also welcome to give us your valuable suggestions and feedback.

Warm regards,
Rakesh Chaudhary & Monisha Chaudhary
Electronics Pvt. Ltd.

Vision & Mission


To be India’s largest Electrical and Electronics RETAIL CHAIN by Year 2020.

To be leader in the field of retailing of Electrical, Electronic and various next generation car accessories through the Pan India presence of dealer networks.


Our mission is to reach you with the best quality product and service of the industry. We try our best and make every possible effort to provide the value to your money. Our job does not end by just selling the products, we make sure that we give you the service too even after delivery at zero cost.

Corporate Policy

1. Customer is boss we are their employee.
2. We all are working to serve the common goal that our customer should be happy.
3. We are constantly improving our services to the customers.
4. To increase the list of customers day by day.
5. A happy customer acts as an active partner of the company and brings more customers.

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